August 2014

There’s Beauty in the Everyday

So, I’m taking a bit of time from really doing far too much; running classes, graphic design work, Teen residential workshops, websites, No More Page 3 campaigning and Body Image campaigning (that list makes me tired just thinking about it!). Am actually winding down for a weeks’ holiday, I’ll  just be pottering about, going to an exhibition or two, putting up shelves in our new gaffe and very importantly watching the first series of ’24’ (OMG – I know am like, 13 years behind the rest of the world…13 years blimey just looked that up…).

Anyway, am generally taking stock and doing things like breathing and attempting some zen and it’s so true that we miss so much in all our haste. I was just sitting having a cuppa this morning and was struck by how lovely the light catching our ‘fly curtain’ was. I mean it was 6 quid and it’s ripped a bit and is pegged up in an ungainly fashion, but who cares really? Perfection is impossible, but beauty is not and in fact if we accept the Japanese idea of Wabi-sabi, imperfection is exactly where we are likely to find it.

Screenshot 2014-08-07 13.01.21

Anyway, I filmed it as much to capture it as to remind me to chill out from time to time, it’s certainly worth it.

Beauty in the Everyday from Make Bright on Vimeo.

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