September 2014

Doodlers of the World Unite!

This TED Talk is excellent, it explains how the seemingly frivolous activity of doodling is in fact an extremely creative, intuitive and analytical process which helps cement learning, aid problem solving and enhance focus.

Doodling is one of my favourite activities, I can still visualise pages of notes from lectures at university, and also the content of the class, from 10 years ago because I drew during them.

Doodling, also known as Expandism for want of a fancy term, is about starting somewhere and seeing where you might go by enjoying the journey. I, for one, am often disgruntled at having to arrive at a destination because I like the time out that being in transit provides. I feel that like focussed daydreaming, doodling opens my mind and makes it flexible, open to play and suggestion, it’s not made up, it’s curious. And curiosity is extremely important in solving problems, creating new things, letting go of stress.

Because if we’re curious, we’ve not yet made up ou minds and who knows what we might discover?

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