Make Bright at Crawley Festival (with free download)

At the end of last month I did my 5th year at Crawley Festival Mainstage in a row. I did my first one when I was still very new to Community Art and I remember being really unsure and very shy with people coming to participate.

Things are very different now I have more experience and I really look forward to running workshops. So at this year’s Mainstage Event in the Memorial Gardens the theme was ‘Food’ as Food Rocks was hosting a fresh produce market. I’d been getting some of my regular class attendees to study natural forms so I went with fruit and veg and encouraged participants to create a big collaborative drawing inspired by fruit, veg and natural forms. It was a really relaxed and creative activity with some excellent drawings there some interesting takes on fruit and veg, including some Power Rangers which just made the whole all the more eclectic and wonderful.

The aim afterwards was to create digital wallpapers for people to download and use on their Desktops, Tablets and Phones. From the drawings I made composite patterns and pulled them together (see gallery below). Make Bright Crawley Festival Art Workshop Wallpapers

From this...

From these drawings –

To this!

To these wallpapers.

Make Bright Crawley Festival Art Workshop Wallpapers

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