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Doodlers of the World Unite!

This TED Talk is excellent, it explains how the seemingly frivolous activity of doodling is in fact an extremely creative, intuitive and analytical process which helps cement learning, aid problem solving and enhance focus.

Doodling is one of my favourite activities, I can still visualise pages of notes from lectures at university, and also the content of the class, from 10 years ago because I drew during them.

Doodling, also known as Expandism for want of a fancy term, is about starting somewhere and seeing where you might go by enjoying the journey. I, for one, am often disgruntled at having to arrive at a destination because I like the time out that being in transit provides. I feel that like focussed daydreaming, doodling opens my mind and makes it flexible, open to play and suggestion, it’s not made up, it’s curious. And curiosity is extremely important in solving problems, creating new things, letting go of stress.

Because if we’re curious, we’ve not yet made up ou minds and who knows what we might discover?

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There’s Beauty in the Everyday

So, I’m taking a bit of time from really doing far too much; running classes, graphic design work, Teen residential workshops, websites, No More Page 3 campaigning and Body Image campaigning (that list makes me tired just thinking about it!). Am actually winding down for a weeks’ holiday, I’ll  just be pottering about, going to an exhibition or two, putting up shelves in our new gaffe and very importantly watching the first series of ’24’ (OMG – I know am like, 13 years behind the rest of the world…13 years blimey just looked that up…).

Anyway, am generally taking stock and doing things like breathing and attempting some zen and it’s so true that we miss so much in all our haste. I was just sitting having a cuppa this morning and was struck by how lovely the light catching our ‘fly curtain’ was. I mean it was 6 quid and it’s ripped a bit and is pegged up in an ungainly fashion, but who cares really? Perfection is impossible, but beauty is not and in fact if we accept the Japanese idea of Wabi-sabi, imperfection is exactly where we are likely to find it.

Screenshot 2014-08-07 13.01.21

Anyway, I filmed it as much to capture it as to remind me to chill out from time to time, it’s certainly worth it.

Beauty in the Everyday from Make Bright on Vimeo.

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Make Bright at Crawley Festival (with free download)

At the end of last month I did my 5th year at Crawley Festival Mainstage in a row. I did my first one when I was still very new to Community Art and I remember being really unsure and very shy with people coming to participate.

Things are very different now I have more experience and I really look forward to running workshops. So at this year’s Mainstage Event in the Memorial Gardens the theme was ‘Food’ as Food Rocks was hosting a fresh produce market. I’d been getting some of my regular class attendees to study natural forms so I went with fruit and veg and encouraged participants to create a big collaborative drawing inspired by fruit, veg and natural forms. It was a really relaxed and creative activity with some excellent drawings there some interesting takes on fruit and veg, including some Power Rangers which just made the whole all the more eclectic and wonderful.

The aim afterwards was to create digital wallpapers for people to download and use on their Desktops, Tablets and Phones. From the drawings I made composite patterns and pulled them together (see gallery below). Make Bright Crawley Festival Art Workshop Wallpapers

From this...

From these drawings –

To this!

To these wallpapers.

Make Bright Crawley Festival Art Workshop Wallpapers

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Art Session Update: New day and location


Wednesday and evening classes have been going really well and thanks to The Hawth we’re getting a new venue!

From May all classes are being held in The Elgar Room, The Hawth Theatre, Hawth Avenue, Crawley.

There is FREE parking at The Hawth and if travelling by bus there’s a stop near the Harvester on the Squareabout a short walk from The Hawth here’s a Metrobus map to plan your journey.

Wednesday Afternoon 2-4pm (fortnightly from 14th May) £6

Drawing, painting and other mixed media approaches for learning new techniques, brushing up on old ones, relaxation and enhanced creativity

I supply paper and some materials for added £2 per session, or on signing up you’ll get a session list with materials to bring if you prefer to get your own. I will also have a small shop of high-quality low-cost materials at each session.

Wednesday Evening 7-9pm (fortnightly) £10 (start date 7th May)

Drawing and illustration based, exploring different materials and techniques, meditative drawing for relaxation and enhanced creativity.

I supply paper and some materials for added £2 per session, or on signing up you’ll get a session list with materials to bring if you prefer to get your own. I will also have a small shop of high-quality low-cost materials at each session.

Please note this was previously Monday evening.

Friday After School Club 4-5:30pm £6 per child (accompanied by an adult) Materials Included

(if more than 2 children per family coming to a class, additional children £5 each)

Play, projects and craft sessions for inspiring the imagination and having fun with traditional, unusual and recycled materials.






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Regular Class details

kids feathers sequins1

After a really bustling event on Saturday am getting into the swing of things with regular classes. Yesterday had a really well attended afternoon class and bookings are coming in for tomorrow’s children and parents’ session and Monday’s adults session. See more details in the flyers below:

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